Wafer&Cluster.Product (WHM WaferHandlingModule)

IMP200X | Implanter Process Module

WHM-IMP200X Waferhandling (WHM) Implanter Processmodule (IMP)

The WHM-IMP200X system is designed for substrate dimensions up to 200mm (diameter and rectangle),
On which, of course, wafer sizes of 150/100/75/50 / 25mm can also be processed.

The 300mm wafers are processed on a specially developed WHM-IMP300X platform – on the one hand due to the differences in dimensions, but mainly due to the completely different automation of the 300mm semiconductor factories (compared to the conventional, smaller wafers).

Implanter.Module (IMP) are designed to fit the customer’s needs and the project-related requirements – one of the strengths of the Adenso.Team that has years of Engineering.Experience.