Pre- and Post-Processing.Module

as additional systemparts of the Adenso VAC.ROBOTICS Platform

In many cases, Adenso Wafer.Platform customers’ processes require high process temperatures. If the substrates are loaded into the process at no temperature, a heating-up time is required – and this in the main process time, i.e. valuable process time is required for this; The same applies to the cooling phase after such high temperature processes.

The Adenso Robot.Platform portfolio now includes temperature control modules suitable for every substrate size:

COOLING.Module: cooling of substrates after thermal processes
HEATING.Module: heating of substrates as process preparation

  • Adenso.Solution: Significant saving of valuable process time!
  • The HEAT/COOL.modules can easily be docked onto the central Robot.platform
  • When the VAC.ROBOTICS Platform is delivered, the additional modules are already set up, tested and ready to use!
  • Taken into account in the master interface adControl.

Adenso.Solution: Significant saving of valuable process time by using COOLING or HEATING Module