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Adenso VSC200 Vacuum Suitcase

Adenso is expanding its VAC.LOADPORT product portfolio from the VAC.ROBOTICS area with the VSC200 Vacuum Suitcase. The first transport technology on and for vacuum processing systems – compact, light and easy to use.

While maintaining the required vacuum environment, all substrates – round, angular, narrow wafers or higher carriers – are loaded, decoupled and transported into the vacuum-tight lockable VAC.SUITCASE. This means that for the first time spatially separate systems can be connected from room to room or worldwide.

What is the purpose of shipping unfinished semiconductor substrates?
The networked way of working makes information available worldwide – however, physical resources are localized and only available to a limited extent. If research teams are now given the opportunity to distribute their substrates worldwide without breaking the vacuum chain and to dock them to other process systems, then the possibilities expand suddenly. With immediate effect, all system resources available worldwide can be included for the development of the latest technologies. The limited equipment on site is therefore no longer decisive for possibilities and success. New research approaches and ideas can be implemented and evaluated in the shortest possible time without budget restrictions. Development time is also a major cost factor. Research groups are thus also able for the first time to market existing technology worldwide as a service – which leads to higher plant utilization and, last but not least, is good news for our environment.

Why is vacuum environment so important for transportation?
Hundreds of process steps are required to manufacture electronic components – almost all of them are technologically highly demanding and only successful if the ambient air is excluded, as oxygen and moisture destroy the sensitive layers. Adenso customers network research teams all over the world in which processed wafers are transferred to another research unit with the appropriate equipment (for analysis purposes or for further processing).

Worldwide VAC docking – how can it work?
There are internationally established interface standards in the semiconductor and vacuum industries. The gate valves from VAT, which meet the SEMI requirements, have established themselves as the global standard for vacuum systems. In the case of different gate valves, an adapter plate can also ensure the coupling of the VAC.SUITCASE.

Questions about the new transport technology?
The possibilities for research teams and projects expand enormously with this transport technology – Adenso will be happy to help you put together a suitable configuration for your new, global research network!

With the VAC.SUITCASE, Adenso customers network research teams all over the world!

  • Docking the suitcase

  • GAT Standard Gateventil


  • Adenso VSC200

  • VAC Transporttechnology

A suitcase full of advantages:

• Substrate dispatch in process mode
• light and easy to use
• VAT gate valve standard
• across systems with adapter
• increased capacity utilization
• Simplifies research projects
• overcomes local equipment deficits
• opens up new resources in R&D


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