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Test automation

Automation for test stations

Automation solutions for test systems
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Plastic components (injection moulding), seals, electrical components (connectors, housings, printed circuit boards, …), electronic components (sensors, switches, converters, …)
Connector pins, microassembly components

Form of delivery
Bulk material, tray, blister, magazine, tubes, barrels, …

Handling systems
Feeding technology, pick and place, rotary indexing table, cycle systems, linear transport systems, …

Joining, assembly, injection, welding, soldering, bonding,
heating, cooling, encapsulation, lamination, laser marking, labelling, testing (ELT + vision systems), packaging,…

Automotive, electronics, medicine, chemistry, biotechnology, semiconductor, optics, materials research, material and layer characteristics, surface analysis, coating technologies, device test, photovoltaics,
sensor technologies, E-beam technologies, MEMS, MOEMS, OLED, OMBD

Automatic test and calibration system
fully automatic in-line solution

  • workpiece carrier transfer system
  • test chamber with special/shielded atmosphere
  • temperature control units
  • high current test
  • carrier identification, data carrier
  • database connection

Trial station for reverse side detection
with lightproof text box

  • special photon counter
  • precision mechanics
  • precision manipulator with air bearings
  • structure for high contacting forces
  • substrate: thin wafers up to 300/450 mm
  • vision system

Automatic test module
fully automatic in-line system

  • high-speed handling units
  • testing electronic components
  • vision systems
  • 100% control

Automatic rotary indexing test cell
with manual input/output station

  • precision rotary indexing table
  • short-circuit tests
  • camera tests
  • laser marking
  • component output

VAC-CRYO – testing station for MEMS test
with EMC- and lightproof enclosure

  • 4-axis precision cross table
  • CryoChuck for substrate cooling with liquid nitrogen (76 K) and liquid helium (4 K)
  • camera inspection
  • microscope system
  • patented carrier solution
  • patented substrate attachment (suitable for vacuum and cryogenic environments)
  • substrate: thin wafers, chips, …

Device test station
with IR infrared black-body handling system

  • temperature range: 10 K … 500 K
  • IR infrared black-body test system with quick-change mode
  • thin wafer, chips, devices
  • camera inspection
  • microscope system
  • vibration-isolated machine table, active