R2R Thermo3D from Adenso

New roll-to-roll system with thermoforming process module for complex electronic components – directly off the roll!

Printed and flexible electronics not only offer numerous benefits for an almost unlimited number of applications, but also help you to save raw materials and energy.

In a world-first innovation, Adenso has integrated a process module for the thermoforming of functional films in a roll-to-roll system.

This allows functionalised films – also known as flexible electronics – to be processed directly from the roll and formed to create complex, three-dimensional components.

This brand-new forming process is possible thanks only to the innovative cera2heat matrix heating technology from watttron, which allows temperature distribution over a surface to be precision-controlled to a very high resolution.

The challenges lie mainly in the complex forming processes and their effects on the substrate web and its web run characteristics.

Adenso uses this plant combination (R2R winder with process module) to evaluate processes and customer project ideas – and offers potential customers its system as a basis for their product/prototype developments.