SubstratLoader – newly invented

The newly invented ALM230X closes the gap between manual loading and a fully automated robot in Wafer Handling.

Adenso Substrat.Loader – newly invented!

„Mind the Gap“

… Are you familiar with the gap – between manual loading and a fully automated robot?

… Do you need an automatic substrate/carrier/mask changer – but not any additional functions?

… Do you want to dimension the space/investment required for your task exactly – but definitely not for unnecessary options?

It is quick, slim and autonomous, suitable for both high-vacuum and clean-room applications – and fills exactly these gaps:

– small footprint

– economical to purchase and operate

– easy handling

– suitable for all substrates

To the product ALM230X AutoLoad Module

More about Adenso

Experience Adenso’s innovative Substrate.Loader live on January 24th and 25th,, 2019 in Dresden
at the Innovation Forum for Automation: „Innovation Forum for Automation

Our engineers will be happy to answer your questions there – down to the last detail – using the working prototype.

Would you like to get to know our production processes? Then we will find a gap that can be used effectively between the InnoForum’s series of presentations and the evening event…

Meet Adenso at the 16. Innovations Forum for Automation in DGUV Conference Center, Dresden.

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Uwe Beier, CEO