MLL300-VAC ManualLoadLock

Adenso MLL300-VAC-ManualLoadLock

For manually loading/unloading substrates that can be equipped with heating/cooling chucks for pre-/post-tempering.

The MLL300-VAC ManualLoadLock is a customized designed carrier stocker system for research and production use.

Based on the substrate magazine the MLL300 allows continuous substrate handling for continuous processing.

Cluster systems, equipped with MLL300 Manual Load Lock allow fully automated
load and unload of a large number of substrates.

MLL300 is particularly suitable for the manual insertion / removal of samples.


Standard version

    • Robust construction
    • Compact design
    • Easy access


  • Special carrier solutions:
    – heating/cooling
    – shielding
  • Different cassette types available
  • Mapping
  • Integrated valve to handler chamber