LLM230 | LoadLock Module

LLM230 | LoadLock Module

The LLM-VAC Load Lock Module is a custom-designed carrier stocker system for use in research and production.
Based on a vertical stroke unit, the LLM-VAC Load Lock Module allows continuous substrate handling for continuous processing.
Cluster systems equipped with the LLM-VAC Load Lock Module enable fully automated loading and unloading of a large number of substrates.
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Adenso Benefits:

Newest technologies are built in
compact and stable design
low initial costs
user friendly
various configuration options
high reliability
high productivity
ready for use at once
ergonomic design
assistance by integration into your existing equipment

Standard version

  • precision guides
  • dynamic drives
  • sinusoidal movement profiles
  • robust construction
  • compact design


  • special carrier solutions: with in-situ measurement, high temperature version, active heated carrier
  • different cassette types available
  • mapping
  • integrated valve to handling chamber