adLOAD | advanced High Capacity LoadLock Module

High Capacity LoadLock Module

adLOAD for high substrate capacity

adLOAD forms a completely new category of LoadLock.Modules for cluster systems, which is characterized by a previously unattained substrate.capacity.

Instead of the previous only 25 wafers per cycle, 30, 40, 50 wafers and more can now be accommodated in a LoadLock –an enormous increase in the autonomy time with the same footprint!

All options and combination options known from the VAC.ROBOTICS platform, such as Alignment, multi substrate gripper, temperature control, … are compatible with this series.

As is typical for Adenso, the adLOADs can also be configured for sizes with a substrate size of 200 and 300mm.
Combined with the 7port central platform, it offers future-proof flexibility for all applications.


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  • Newest technologies are built in
  • compact and stable design
  • low initial costs
  • user friendly
  • various configuration options
  • high reliability
  • high productivity
  • ready for use at once
  • ergonomic design
  • assistance by integration into your existing equipment