Master-interface for Adenso R2R.System

adControl | Winding Control System

Modular & stand-alone central handling system,
with vacuum process control,
recipe management, visualisation,
scheduler and multi-admin.

  • adControl a typical Adenso.Solution

    In talk with: Uwe Beier, managing director of Adenso

On which competences do our customers wish to focus?

Process technologies and nothing else! This means that our customers need flexible Winding.Modules to connect process modules in a R2R system in order to handle substrates between the processes and to feed them in/out.

What does the ideal R2R system look like from the customer perspective?

It is a fully independent Winding.Module with an intuitively operated graphical user interface and all the necessary safety functions.

How can Adenso fulfil this customer requirement?

This is why we developed the modular Adenso R2R.Platform. The winding components are modularly configured in an application-specific
manner – almost as easily as creating something with certain well-known toy bricks! The equally modular Winding.Control system adControl is responsible for the entire control of the roll-to-roll system.

How is a R2R system for customised processes created?

The process provider has the technologies and devises a configuration for its customer. Adenso selects a suitable R2R.Platform and the necessary Winding.Modules and configures a R2R system together with the adControl. The communication between the Winding.Module and the Process.Modules takes place via the adControl.Interface and in a simple and equally modular manner.

How long does the basic commissioning of Winding.Modules and Process.Modules take?

Since all systems are commissioned in parallel and independently of one another and the interface can be tested in advance, the basic commissioning of even extensive R2R systems is generally completed within just one day. The process can then be commissioned immediately.

What is the sales concept behind adControl?

Since we use a licensing model for adControl, our customers don’t need to pay for the entire software development for each project. This means significant savings in terms of time (because it’s a ready-made standard product) and costs (just the licence fee).


Adenso R2R.Platform with adControl

Expandable modules, stand-alone, Hardware-independent, reliable.

Communication with the customer’s process control system takes place securely via the Adenso.Interface.

This adControl setup is based on the Adenso substrat winding system and covers the necessary effort for setting up a fully operational stand-alone R2R winding system.

The advantage of adControl:

This central system can be setup in parallel to the setting up and commissioning of the process modules – this saves time and
guarantees smooth integration – a stable foundation for process commissioning by the customer.

The Adenso Winding.Platform


Adenso turns your demands into action

The Adenso modular world of Advanced Winding.Systems:

Basic layout + substrate coils + process modules + specifications + adControl =
results in a product with defined interfaces that is ready for use and tailored to your needs.

Innovative roll-to-roll solutions and products for research and production as an OEM component with adControl HM interface and ToolCloud.

The holistic concept of creativity, customer focus, process optimisation and the continuous exchange of experiences constitute the cornerstone of the Adenso corporate philosophy.