NEW: ROBOT.Configurator

Customize the Adenso central handling platform for your cluster system

The ROBOT.Configurator assists customers in putting together a tailor-made cluster system from the Adenso portfolio. Required data from the application is queried step by step as the configuration is expanded – exactly where it is needed. The rotatable and growing 3D visualization of the configured cluster system offers good feedback and a high level of comprehensibility for all matters. As the Adenso Cluster.Platform is in high demand worldwide, this software solution also supports the desired fast processing, storage and distribution of all configuration variants. The customer-internal accelerated coordination and query promotes precise specifications and the exact ideas of the requirements for the desired Cluster.Platform. A link leads directly to the created configuration, which can also be edited there and shared with colleagues, for example. At the same time it is shown what a high level of implementation is already in the Adenso standard modules. The new configurator was developed in cooperation with the Dresden company 3Dit Interaction Technologies and is available as a PC program and as a responsive web version.

The new ROBOT.Configurator – another Adenso.Solution

  • Adenso customers can easily, quickly and flexibly run through a wide range of system variants!
  • The graphic feedback immediately shows the effects of changes in the configuration.
  • The rotating model of the Robot.Platform is easy to understand.
  • With this configuration data, the Adenso Robot.Team receives a concrete idea of ​​the requirements of the customer application – and in many cases can build a configuration based on it without further queries – and often present it to the customer as a layout within 24 hours!
  • ROBOT.Configurator

    Customize the Adenso central handling platform for your cluster system

    Adenso configurator illustration
  • The new ROBOT.Configurator – another Adenso.Solution

    The selected configuration exists as an editable link and PDF.

The ROBOT.Configurator saves time, helps to avoid errors, it gives a comprehensive insight into the numerous options and also gives a growing impression of the future cluster system during configuration. All data and variants are documented as PDF and thus offer a detailed basis for discussion.