Expansion of the product range: handling chamber with six process ports

The Adenso wafer handling chamber now has even more ports

Wafer handling modules with 6 process ports

Most recently, 4 to 5 slots were the standard in the Adenso handling module with an integrated WHR-VAC wafer handling robot. This unit is optimised for handling substrate carriers in high-vacuum environments. The new module offers 6 slots for even more processes or transfers to further module chambers. This way, even more processes can be handled on the same surface.

Like in the ISS space station, the Adenso modules can be combined to meet the respective process requirements for performing processes in high-vacuum environments. From the test system with 2 chambers to the module with up to 8 process stations (planned), all requirements can be covered this way, from research to production. Equipment with the right WHR-VAC wafer handling robot from large to ultra large with three times the range of familiar solutions in particular allows multiple process modules to be combined and work together.

Adenso offers cross-sectional competencies and technologies from the fields of engineering, vacuum and automation across all industries. For Adenso customers, specific prototypes, research modules and production systems of all sizes form the basis for globally successful business models. With a keen eye for market needs, Adenso also develops its own products and special solutions for cluster handling and high-vacuum environments. (www.adenso.de)

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