Partner for automation solutions in the cleanroom


Cleanroom solutions

Solutions for the following industries

  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Medicine
  • Chemistry
  • Biotechnology
  • Semiconductor
  • Optics


Electronics components (wafers, wafer components, substrates), boards, sensors

Form of delivery
Tray, blister, magazine, tubes, …

Handling systems
Fully automatic linear transport systems, substrate handling units, I/O stations, …

Cleaning, coating, assembly, injection, welding, soldering, bonding, heating, cooling, encapsulation, laminating,
laser marking, labelling, testing, packaging, …

High-flexibility substrate transport and storage system
Use of multi-axis robot units and automatic storage systems

  • integration of autonomously operating transport robots (AGV)
  • input/output stations
  • docking stations
  • automatic storage systems
  • safety concept

Robot box
equipped with two multi-axis robots

  • automatic gripper change
  • assembly processes
  • test procedures

Automatic test and calibration system
fully automatic in-line solution

  • workpiece carrier transfer system
  • test chamber with special/shielded atmosphere
  • temperature control units
  • high current test
  • carrier identification, data carrier
  • database connection

Special MAN/AUTO robot station
combination of a manual workstation with a multi-axis robot

  • safety concept for the combination of manual and automatic work areas
  • integrated workpiece transfer system
  • assembly processes: manual and automated
  • integrated test equipment

High-productivity robot station
with 2 multi-axis robots

  • movement, schedule and collision simulation
  • integrated carrier transfer system
  • seal application with a multi-axis robot
  • assembly process with the other multi-axis robot
  • integrated test stations

Robot station with automatic gripper change
Use of a multi-axis robot

  • automatic gripper change
  • gripper parking spot
  • assembly processes
  • quality assurance