All-in-one solutions for assembly automation


Automation technology

Automation solutions from manual workstations and assembly cells all the way to fully automated assembly lines.
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Adenso.Solutions for complete systems:

  • Project planning
  • Design
  • Mechanical structure
  • Electrical structure
  • Programming
  • Commissioning on our premises or on-site at the customer


Plastic parts (injection mouldings), seals, electrical parts (connectors, housings, printed circuit boards, …) electronics parts (sensors, switches, converters, ….)
connector pins, microassembly parts, …

Form of delivery
Bulk material, tray, blister, magazine, tubes, barrels, …

Handling systems
Feeding technology, pick and place, rotary indexing table, cycle systems, linear transport systems, …

Joining, assembly, injection, welding, soldering, bonding, heating, cooling, encapsulation, laminating,
laser marking, labelling, testing (ELT + vision systems), packaging, …

Automotive, electronics, medicine, chemistry, biotechnology, semiconductor, optics, etc.


Advantages of the Adenso OEM solution:

  • No process risk
Clearly defined interfaces
  • Short delivery times
  • Simple integration
  • Quick commissioning

Possible applications:

  • Equipment and assembly areas
  • Assembly modules/cells
  • Test cells
  • Robot solutions
  • Production lines

Automatic assembly and test line
fully automated assembly solution with inspection workstation

  • Workpiece carrier transfer system
  • Assembly and joining processes
  • Dispensing and hardening processes
  • Testing stations and label printers

Automatic handling, calibrating and testing system
fully automated in-line system

  • Workpiece carrier transfer system
  • Test chamber with special/shielded atmosphere
  • Temperature control units
  • High current test
  • Database connection

Automatic rotary indexing system
for assembly and testing at a manual workstation

  • Precision rotary indexing table
  • High current and short-circuit test
  • Vision systems
  • Manual inspection and feeding workstation
  • Tray-feeder system for component output

Automatic dual dispensing system
fully automatic in-line solution

  • Workpiece carrier transfer system
  • Paste feed
  • Precision dispensing system with maintenance mode
  • Precision balance

High-speed pick & place module
fully automated

  • X/Y/Z  handling robot with precision axes and servo drives
  • integration in transfer systems possible
  • integrated control

Fully automatic assembly, adjustment and testing system
Fully automated production

  • Workpiece carrier transfer system
  • Quick and precise assembly and joining processes
  • Adjustment and testing stations
  • Vision systems
  • Laser marking