Adenso is optimising and investing

in a new production hall with office and laboratory areas

As a provider of customer-specific solutions and products, this investment by Adenso in an innovative production environment is another step towards continuing to serve all customer needs in the future too.

The space measuring around 1,500 m2 is home to:

  • A clean room for the assembly of precision parts (wafer handling robot and customer-specific special modules, etc.)
  • Incoming/outgoing goods complete with a high-bay warehouse and air lock function
  • Pre-assembly, which is separated from the
  • Assembly area for the assembly of modules and systems, commissioning and finalisation
  • A workshop, which is also separated by an air lock
  • Laboratory, server and technical facilities, as well as
  • Office areas for flexible use in the part of the new Adenso hall featuring drywall construction

A special high-performance hall floor, electric lifting equipment, a ten-kilometre high-tech network and many other measures will purposefully serve to enable Adenso Development and Production to harness new-found synergies at a single site in future.The entire hall area is designed as a grey room (a ‘grey room’ is much cleaner than the standard industrial environment), which means that entry is possible only via air locks.As all these measures are running parallel to extensive day-to-day operations and the Development department’s relocation over the course of a weekend is imminent, individual responses may take slightly longer than usual for a short time. All questions will nevertheless be answered and priorities respected. The offices are currently being designed such that all Adenso employees and visitors really feel that extra level of comfort in the new environment and that efficient processes and space utilisation are ensured.

For the curious among us who are keen to find out how a modern Industry 4.0 environment looks today, the date of the opening ceremony will, of course, be announced well in advance!

Adenso would like to thank all those involved as well as our partners for their fantastic work in making our new Industry 4.0 home a reality
X9 modular hall floor for loads of up to 6.5 metric tons

Electric lifting equipment – low-noise and gentle on floors