Adenso presents world firsts in wafer handling

Six modules, including three world firsts relating to WHM330X

Together with the presentation of the new WHM300X wafer handling module and thus the extension of the production series specifically for 300 mm wafers in the vacuum environment, Adenso is presenting six further new products on this system, including three world premieres:


for CRYOGENIC environments


WHM 330 X4
Handling robot with 4 end-effectors


FOUP 300


Load Lock Module


Wafer Alignment Module


Manual Load Lock

Three world firsts and three further fine modules:

  1. STEALTH CARRIER for CRYOGENIC environments
    The special carriers have virtually no heat signature and are therefore particularly well suited for environments with liquid gas such as helium up to 4.2 K.
    For all kinds of substrates: 300/200/150/100/50 mm wafers, glass/ceramic/sapphire substrates, devices/chips, …
  2. WHM330X4 handling robot with up to 4 end-effectors (so far, a maximum of 2 EE for handling robots were customary in the market)
    For greatest throughput and productivity and maximum flexibility, as different types of EE can be installed (wafers, carriers, cassettes, …)
    for loading 300 mm wafers into cluster systems directly and without (!) the previously common atmospheric handling robot – saves an incredible amount of space and costs
  4. LLM330 load lock module
    for 300 mm wafers/carriers/magazines
  5. WAM300 wafer alignment module
    For automatic wafer alignment within the vacuum environment
  6. MLL330 manual load lock
    for manually loading/unloading substrates that can be equipped with heating/cooling chucks for pre-/post-temperingBroschure download.pdf

Adenso.Solution saves cleanroom capacities

By forgoing the use of atmospheric handling robots, two of the new Adenso FOUP300-VAC LOAD PORTS save roughly 80% of space in the cleanroom as well as investment and operating costs.

  • A lot of expensive grey cleanroom ...

  • ... or the lean blue Adenso.Solution!

Cleanrooms are valuable. You can find out exactly how valuable they are at the Adenso booth A4421 (shared booth of Silicon Saxony) at SEMICON.

In the field of wafer handling solutions, Adenso – which is part of Silicon Saxony – offers a range of products for substrate handling in vacuums and glove-box systems. Adenso robot solutions for high-vacuum environments possess a range of unique characteristics, which means that these solutions are used all over the world and are valued for their reliability, especially in semiconductor production.

The highly successful Adenso concept for VacBots offers customers a needs-based, tailored solution comprising existing or modified vacuum robotics modules.

The basic layout + wafer handling robot + wafer handling module + LoadLock module together create a turnkey product with defined interfaces.

But Adenso does more than just develop the technology for Industry 4.0 and the Internet of things, because it also deploys this technology in its own products. This means that the data from all Adenso robots is collected in a European Equipment.Cloud, meaning that customers benefit from precise and rapid data access to software updates, commissioning states, check lists, system parameters and documentation

“Thanks to its Equipment.Cloud, Adenso has transformed, in a simple and helpful way, the Internet of things into something that can be understood and experienced,” says W. Weinrich, project manager at Bühler AG.

Engineers from Adenso will present the new Adenso wafer handling module WHM330X with five ports for 300 mm wafers as well as new loading modules as world firsts at SEMICON EUROPE 2018 in Munich.

Adenso managing director Uwe Beier: “Separately or in combination, the new handling modules are an important milestone on the road to lean product development in Industry 4.0 and the Internet of things.”

We would like to cordially invite you to attend the following press briefing from the City of Dresden – Adenso in Talk with…

Modern Industry 4.0 electronic products from Dresden

Tuesday, 13 November 2018, 2:00pm, Conference Room B12, Messe München
Industry representatives, among Adenso CEO Uwe Beier, will be presenting hardware and software components for Industry 4.0 applications and discussing the potential digitisation represents for industrial manufacturing.

We request your response by 12:00 pm on 12 November 2018 at the latest. Please use the reply form.

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Adenso.Solution: smart with a lean footprint and many advantages for Adenso customers:

  • higher productivity
  • more cleanroom capacity
  • optimised costs
  • greater flexibility
  • innovative products
  • new markets

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