• The Wafer.Handling.Team celebrates the hundredth delivery

    dieses erfolgreichen Modul-Typs.


One hundredth delivery of a module for carrier-bound substrate handling

The Adenso team has now handed over the 100th system for carrier-bound substrate handling to a customer!

This product is part of the Adenso VAC.ROBOTICS platform, in which customer substrates such as wafers are transported in special carriers between the process modules.

This takes place in a high vacuum environment, as the processes require this and the sensitive substrates are thus protected from the influences of the ambient air such as particles, moisture, oxygen, … on the transport route.

In addition to this type of system, the Adenso team supplies waferhandling.modules for carrier-free transport of round and square 200 and 300mm wafers as well as for all types of customer-specific special substrates.

Special features of the Adenso VAC.ROBOTICS platform are, in addition to globally unique solutions such as FOUP direct vacuum access and multi-substrate grippers, above all. the enormous range and load capacity of the Adenso.robot solutions.

The decisive success factor is the Adenso.TEAM, which operates extremely flexibly in family cooperation and constantly ensures the highest quality. In addition, there is the willingness to respond to the wishes of our customers and to find suitable and innovative solutions quickly.